white paper intro

White Paper Draft

White Paper draft is coming together now. It will continue to develop over time so sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date.

Vendor Shops

Users can now sign up to buy, sell, or trade through our Vendor portal.

BEP20 Token

The initial smart contract deployment is complete. Ticker on BSC: TMPT

Founder's Packages

Founder's Packages are being structured and posted. More soon.

Team Search

We are looking to grow the team with developers and platform moderators.

What's Next?


Further development of the platform Smart Contract and Tokenomics. Finish building out the rest of the Whitepaper for platform architecture

Team Building

We are looking for team member interested in a sweat equity arrangement. Pay is important but passion for purpose is vital.


Marketing drive for platform membership growth. Focus on bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional markets through the power of community and blockchain technology.

Complete BTCPop Listing

Once we have finalized our token structure and functionality, we will be seeking to work with BTCPop to finalize our first market listing.

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