Website Overhaul Complete!

Over the last few weeks, the website has not been accessible but we are finally ready for the light of day again and with some big new plans and ideas.

So what did we do?

Below are a list of items corrected in the recent website update:

Migrated Hosting Providers:

The website has been migrated to a dedicated hosting environment with more than enough capacity for the website and the upcoming web applications to scale seamlessly.

Optimized Database Architecture:

During the migration, we were able to optimize database architecture and address a reported bug, found by Paleo Joe’s vendor store before the migration.


Blockchain Platform

We put a plan in place to make this website a platform and not just a market. By utilizing blockchain technology, we will be building out several different customer portals for things like a Trichocereus cactus genetics registry, Cactus lineage tracking, international CITES/Phyto portal, network validators, and more. Stay tuned.

Tokenomics Implementation

It is well known that many payment processors are not a big fan of our sacred Trichocereus (Echinposis) cactus. Through the implementation of cryptocurrency and a tokenomic structure, we will build a self-generating liquidity token to be used for payment processing and pass the cost savings out to our platform members.

Started Whitepaper:

We are in the process of producing a whitepaper to outline our overall ideas for the platform to share with everyone that is interested. We are also looking for team members. If you are interested in helping to build a beneficial platform for all, please reach out.

What's the cost?

Currently, the platform fee for vendors is an OPTIONAL 1% + $0.25 per order, less payment processing fees for orders through the platform and managed by TM or Bivium. The fee is optional which is why there will be ads on the site to support operation. Once the blockchain platform is launched, it will be open-source, and the blockchain network fees will be the only participation costs which will be a fraction of traditional payment fee costs.

Who Are We?

This website and the resulting blockchain power platform and tokenomic structure will be built, implemented, and managed by Bivium Software as the driving force.

Although, being that we want to have an open-source project, we look forward to working with the cactus community at large.

Own a website that sells Trichocereus?

Get in touch with us. We will help set a vendor shop up for free on our platform… or… we will help you integrate different payment processing or marketing options on your website, FREE OF CHARGE. Reach out to find out how.

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